Monitoring the results to support the decision process

ŁConsulting in performance and profitability management

ŁImprove quality, reliability and rapidity of the financial information process

ŁImplement the following management tools:

-†††††††† Management techniques

-†††††††† Performance indicators

-†††††††† Financial reports and operationnal budgets

-†††††††† Profitability monitoring

ŁMonthly monitoring and assistance†

Financial management services

ŁPreparation of business plan

ŁAssistance in financing activities

ŁMonthly support in accounting, financial reporting and cash flow management

ŁCoaching finance and accounting team

ŁDefinition and implementation of pricing models and cost structure

ŁAssistance in the choice and the implementation of a†new†financial system

ŁCoordination of the legal related activities